About Tommy Norment

During his 20 years in the Senate of Virginia, Tommy Norment has earned a reputation as one of the Commonwealth’s most effective legislators. For this reason, Tommy was elected by his colleagues to serve as Majority Leader of the Senate Republicans. As a member of the Courts of Justice, Finance, Rehabilitation and Social Services, Rules, and Commerce and Labor Committees, Tommy regularly works on legislation to make our community safer and to ensure that Virginia remains the best state in which to raise a family and do business. Tommy is a champion of Virginia’s right-to-work laws and is equally committed to promoting transparency in government. As a graduate of public schools and the father of a teacher, Tommy fully understands the need for our Commonwealth to provide a high quality education to all students. A strong advocate for higher education, he has worked tirelessly to ensure our public colleges and universities remain at the top of the national rankings.

For Immediate Release
3 November 2015


RICHMOND, VA, 3 NOVEMBER 2015: The leadership of the Virginia Senate Republican Caucus celebrated the results of today's elections, which retains their party's majority in the General Assembly's upper chamber through 2019. Based on unofficial returns provided by the Virginia Department of Elections, Republicans will have a 21 to 19 majority when the Senate convenes on January 13, 2016.

"Today, Virginians voted for a fiscally responsible and conservative majority, for Republican senators and senators-elect who are committed to responsive and accountable government," remarked Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment, Jr. (R-James City). "Our victory is all the more impressive in that it was achieved despite the record-breaking millions of dollars spent by Governor McAuliffe, his allies, and out-of-state, single-issue PACs. This election was decided by Virginians, and they again voted for a Republican-majority Senate."

"Tonight serves to remind those who think money is everything in elections that victory at the polls is not for sale," noted Senate Republican Caucus Chairman Ryan T. McDougle (R-Hanover). "You must have the better candidates and the right message to win. Our senators and nominees were the better candidates and they had the right message. We won by focusing on jobs and the economy, lower taxes and reduced government regulation, and educational reforms that will give parents greater choice and improve our public schools. Those are issues that affect the daily lives of Virginians, and today the people of Virginia entrusted Republicans to lead the Senate of Virginia for the next four years.

"I want to congratulate all of our returning senators and welcome Senators-elect Chase, DeSteph, Dunnavant, Sturtevant, and Suetterlein. They all ran outstanding campaigns and have earned their victories. We fielded great candidates in 30 senate districts, and we are grateful to all of them for stepping forward to serve and to deliver our positive message to the people of Virginia."

"While all General Assembly elections are decided by the voters in their local districts, this was very much a team effort," said Republican Caucus Vice Chairman Stephen D. Newman (R-Bedford). "The leadership of our caucus, our incumbent senators, and our nominees worked together to achieve this result. We never lost sight of the importance of talking directly to voters about the issues that concern their families. All of the last minute out-of-state spending by the other side could not overcome the strong relationship forged between our nominees and the voters they want to serve. For that, we are truly grateful."

"As with any victory, we have a lot of people to thank," said Norment. "The Republican State Leadership Committee and Ed Gillespie provided critical support to our campaigns. The Republican Party of Virginia provided key resources that helped to get our candidates' messages directly to the voters. GOPAC and the Disruptor Fund provided important assistance to our candidates at critical junctures in their campaigns. The Caucus's comparatively small staff, Mike Young, Nicole Tardif, and Jeff Ryer, provided the strategy, technical assistance, advice, and close working relationship with our campaigns that is essential to victory.

"Today's result marks an impressive achievement for our senators and our senators-elect. Over the last eight years, the Senate Republican Caucus has obtained a hard-earned reputation for working closely and collaboratively to achieve shared goals and promote conservative principles. In the minority and the majority, whether our ranks had 19, 18, 20, or 21 members, we have attained an internal cohesion that has allowed us to enact important legislation for the Commonwealth and its people.

"As Majority Leader, I am proud that for the second cycle in a row every Republican senator whose name appeared on the general election ballot will be returning to Richmond. I am proud, too, that for the second cycle in a row every district currently represented by a Republican senator will have a Republican senator representing it when the General Assembly convenes. Clearly, the people of Virginia appreciate the responsive, effective representation they receive from the members of the Senate Republican Caucus.

"Over the last four years, both parties have enjoyed periods of time as the majority in the Senate. This experience gave Virginians the opportunity to see firsthand how each governs. Today, they made their choice. Senate Republicans are honored to have been given this opportunity and this privilege once again. We look forward to building on our record of accomplishment with another productive and effective four years in the majority."